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Aarambaham, Directed by Ajay Nag

Aarambham is not just a movie, it is a reunion of talent. The incredible team, comprising alumni from different batches, has poured their heart and soul into this project, making it a true masterpiece.

🎥 Director: Ajay Nag, Class of 2019 (MA)

📸 DOP: Dev Gandhi Kundu, Class of 2019 (MA)

🎬 Editor: Aditya Tiwari, Class of 2019 (MA)

🎬 Editor: Preetham Gayatri, Class of 2019 (MA)

🔊 Sound Designer: Manicka Prabhu CS, Class of 2019 (MA)

🎥 Associate Cinematographer: Harsha Mallikarjuna, Class of 2022 (BA)

💼 Executive Producer: Ujwal B M, Class of 2021 (MA)

🎬 Assistant Director: Uthkarsha Dahatr Balaram, Class of 2019 (MA)

🎬 Assistant Director: Raja Ravi Varma, Class of 2021 (MA)

💡 Lighting Chief: Rajat Manvani, Class of 2019 (MA)

🗣 Dialogue: Sandeep Angadi, Certificate Course Graduate 2017

🔊 Sound Effects Editor: Varun Arsid, Class of 2020 (MA)

📸 Associate Cinematographer: Tarak Kopisetti, Certificate Course Graduate 2017

🔊 Sound Mixing: Annapurna Studios

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