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  • What is Annapurna College?
    Annapurna College is a private unaided Film and Media college inside Annapurna Studios, Banjara hills, Hyderabad. Offering a host of courses including Bachelors in Film and Media, Animation and VFX and a Masters in Film and Media , the college also offers a number of certificate courses to enhance skills and careers. Dedicated to providing quality education and fostering creativity, the courses prepare students for successful careers with hands-on learning through multiple course projects , equipping them for careers in the Media Entertainment Industry..
  • What programs does Annapurna College offer?
    Here are the details of the degree programs : And here are the details of the short courses :
  • Where is Annapurna College located?
    Annapurna College is located inside Annapurna Studios, a working film studio with 45 years of history in cinema. The campus is beautiful and on an elevation, with plenty of outdoor locations, large film production floors, post production facilities, a screening theater, classrooms, cafeteria and a basketball court for students. Banjara Hills is the Beverly hills of Hyderabad, recognised as one of the safer, and more vibrant cities in India.
  • Which University is Annapurna College affiliated to?
    Annapurna College is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), a prestigious University in India. The degree programs offered by the college are recognized and approved by JNAFA University.
  • Does Annapurna College accept international students?
    Yes, Annapurna College accepts International applications for all courses. One can apply from the ”Get in touch” section on the website by choosing their nationality and filling the relevant form. According to regulatory measures, the fee structure is different.
  • What are the eligibility criteria for admission?
    It depends of the course you apply for : Minimum 18 years of age For Certificate courses- the participant requires a minimum qualification and language skills For Degree courses- the participant requires to have cleared the previous exam with pass marks. For details please refer to the qualification criteria provided by the counselor/ brochure.
  • When is the application deadline for Degree courses - UG, and PG admissions?
    Applications start in December and close by mid of July every year. Please complete the application form to apply for admissions for a course. You may also dial the toll-free number 1800- 572- 4736 to check the availability of seats right now!
  • Is there an entrance exam for admission to Annapurna College?
    Yes, applicants go through a selection process that is part- entrance test to assess the aptitude and part interview to understand creative abilities, interests and aspirations of the applicants. Once you apply, the process details will be provided to you.
  • Are scholarships available for applicants?
    Yes, Annapurna College offers scholarships to meritorious and deserving students. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, project work, portfolio evaluation, aptitude and attitude, etc and are awarded from year two of the course.
  • Describe the teaching methodology at Annapurna College?
    Our curriculum is a practice based one where understanding is quickly put into practice via projects. After a foundation in the basics of the core subject filmmaking / animation - the student then branches into their elective subjects to build technical and business skills to find their place in a filmmaking crew. These student film crews make collaborative projects that steadily get more complex as the course progresses. Annapurna College education philosophy encourages the development of the young student mind through Liberal Arts subjects and film studies and by encouraging sensibility. The artistic expression and storytelling abilities of the student are nurtured to explore innovative approaches to their craft. Through a combination of classroom lectures, workshops, practical assignments, and industry exposure, the courses shape well-rounded graduates who are prepared to enter the professional world of film, media and related industries.
  • Describe the facilities and resources at Annapurna College?
    With state-of-the-art facilities for filmmaking the college has smart classrooms with projection facilities. Students watch film screenings in the preview theater and discuss films. They make their projects in multiple outdoor and indoor production facilities and production stages. The college has Edit suites and a viewing room for collaboration and sound edits. Sound recording suits, recording and dubbing studio are available for post production The media and equipment department of the college provides students with the necessary equipment and support crews to make their projects. Over 2500 pieces of equipment are provided which include the entire set of shooting equipment with cutting edge cameras and lenses approved for theatre / OTT releases, next generation lights, gimbals, track and trolley, dollies, etc. Workshops / masterclasses are conducted to learn and develop their skills in a structured and hands-on environment. To gain both knowledge insights and practical experience in the craft, these events frequently happen with experienced industry professionals and the students acquire practical knowledge needed to bring their creative visions to the screen. Along with these, the students often visit on-going / live sets to observe the real-time filmmaking process. The focus is on practice based learning, coupled with a comprehensive feedback given by faculty. This helps students develop a strong foundation in their chosen field. Additionally students get exposure / introduction to Atmos sound recording, virtual production etc, available at Annapurna Studios.
  • What about internships and industry exposure?
    There is a criteria based on which the student wins an internship opportunity. On successful completion of the internship, employment follows. Films are independent projects, and the quality of work on one project builds the reputation and prospects for the graduate for the future. This is how they build their networks as well. Industry exposure on campus is constant, as students get to see shoots happening all around them in the studios. Industry practitioners and experts are invited to take workshops, masterclasses for students. These interactions are valuable. Through collaborations and partnerships with leading companies, they conduct their auditions and recruitment for students of merit at the college. The college showcases the student talent through multiple means - network events, film festivals, auditions etc.
  • What career support services does Annapurna College provide?
    The college has a dedicated career services department that placement or project support, coordinates the Alumni network, provides student career guidance and development. This includes assistance with resume building, portfolio creation, interview preparation, internships and job opportunities. Work in the Industry and careers are built with hard work, determination and recognition of merit. The alumni network motivates and mentors students to prepare well. They also prefer to recruit graduates for their crews and the network extends opportunities year round through an active alumni portal.
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